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Game Pokemon Silver Rom
Platform Gameboy Color
Date Published 2000
Language English
File Name SilverVersion(US).zip
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Pokemon Silver Rom

Download Pokemon Silver Rom, they said. It’ll be easy, they said.

Have you been searching all over the internet to find a legitimate place to download Pokemon Silver Rom for desktop or mobile? With the Gameboy Color Emulator, you can play the game almost immediately. Today’s current games are infinitely larger in files, so you will be shocked to see this comes in at less than a single MB! That means that once you’ve started the install, you’re already done and ready to play! The controls may feel a little strange at first, but it’s hard for a keyboard to replace a handheld!

Officially, this is what GameFreaks and Nintendo wanted us to know about this game:

Enter a whole new world, with new Pokémon to capture, train and battle! Meet Professor Elm and get the all-new Poké Gear, including map, radio, cell phone and clock. Set the clock then watch as day turns to night and events take place in real time— and be sure to keep an eye out for Pokémon that come out only at night!

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Gameplay Information

Do you have to transform into the Champion Pokemon Trainer in all of both equally Johto as well as Kanto Regions? Download Pokemon Silver Rom free and even verify you are currently the greatest! Of course, this is definitely true! You are allowed to download and install Pokemon Silver Rom for free. Go and even get enjoyment from the most efficient games in all the Pokemon generations. If you happen to prepare your chosen poke balls, remember the hyperlink below, and get prepared to to catch em all!

The Story of Pokemon Silver Rom

In the beginning, the gamer is summoned to help Professor Elm with an errand. On that point there, the game gamer is presented an assortment of three Pokemon, to be of assistance the player arrive at Mr. Pokemon’s residence. This is just a nickname, but just the same he had been defined as it for such a long time that nobody has seen his actual family name! The gamer crosses paths with Professor Oak from the Kanto Region, as you are managing the errand for Professor Elm. It is at this time, that the game player is convinced to commence their own individual Pokemon adventure, and then gifts the gamer their own Pokedex.

The Rival Character in Pokemon Silver Rom

After performing an errand for Professor Elm, the player heads back to New Bark Town. Right before showing up, the game player needs to fend off a mysterious Pokemon Trainer. Once back, the player is notified that somebody broke into Professor Elm’s lab! They also have taken a Pokemon! And also it happens to be just like the one that you fought! All through the video game, you can expect to battle with this strange trainer frequently in your personal goal to emerge as the world’s greatest Pokemon Trainer.

New Bark Town

“The Town Where Winds of a New Beginning Blow.” – Map Description

  • This is the homeland of the player. It is a tiny village, with a maximum population of 10. Professor Elm’s lab is on the west area of the village. His living quarters is above his lab. The player’s house is on the northeast of the area, near the water. Finally, the player’s friend’s house, is on the southeast of the area, in which Professor Elm used to stay. The last house is where the strange trainer, Silver, resides.
  • To the west of New Bark Town, is Route 29. It connects with Cherrygrove City to the west, as well as a junction with Route 46 heading north.
  • To the east of New Bark Town, is Route 27. It is submerged in water, and even can not be crossed until later on in the game. The gamer will not be capable to navigate unless they actually have understood to surf, with a Pokemon. Upon arriving, they establish it is the Kanto region, from the prior generation! As soon as you have arrived at this area, you can also fight the competitors from the very first generation of games.

The Three Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Silver Rom

From the beginning of the game, once the game player is tasked with an errand for Professor Elm, they are simply required to select a Pokemon that is able to aid them in completing their quest. They will be presented the decision between Cyndaquil, Totodile, or maybe Chikorita.

  • Totodile is a Water-Type Pokemon. It looks like it is a tiny blue crocodile, with red spines on back as well as tail. It has a yellow band across its chest that looks like a V, expanding to either upper arm. The Totodile possesses quite a mischievous character. It also seems to have a less than ideal habit of needing to chew anything and even everything it lays its eyes upon. This at times may include its trainer! They are generally found along the banks of lakes.
  • Cyndaquil is a Fire-Type Pokemon. It looks like a little mouse or ant eater, with fire flames on it’s back. It is identical to an Echidna from Tazmania Island. It has a stretched slim snout, and flames on its actual back. Timid by nature, the Cyndaquil will curl up into a ball, and even use it’s fire to shield it when ever it begins to feel in danger. There are also four locations on its back where the blaze erupt. When Cyndaquil becomes a lot more angry, the flames become even more dangerous. These are obtained in grasslands.
  • Chikorita is a Leaf-Type Pokemon. It will be an undersized light green Pokemon, with a dark green necklace of floral buds. It stands on four legs. The Chikorita bears a big noggin with an individual leaf over the top. This leaf tends to be much longer in comparison with the entire length of the Chikorita’s entire body. This leaf is utilized to waft calming fragrances, which soothe and sooth almost everyone around it. The leaf also can be used to figure out temperature of the air. The Chikorita is normally located in grasslands, yet somehow is tough to get. This is definitely stemming from its domestication for beginning Pokemon Trainers. It is always typically known to be particularly docile, along with fantastic starter for nervous trainers.

Learn The Screens

Pokemon Silver Rom is a role playing game with an adventure play style. There will be three major screens which you will use.

  • A zone map – Allows you to find the way around with the most valuable figure.
  • The conflict screen – Exactly where your actual Pokemon battles are going to take place.
  • The option list – Where you may configure your own settings, gadgets, and perhaps party.

Gameplay Concept

The game-play starts out the central player with just one Pokemon. Once you start to go forward, you assemble a squad of Pokemon. First and foremost, you have got to catch each one of them making use of poke balls. When ever the person meets an exotic Pokemon, all your Pokemon duel them. If in case you have assaulted the alluring Pokemon to a low overall health bar, it becomes possible to get it with one of all of your poke balls. You are going to very easily possess the Pokemon accessible in your amazing existing party. Unless you have already got six Pokemon on your trusty old squad, in which it moves into your actual catalog.

Defeating a Pokemon

Should the opposing Pokemon’s hit points minimize to very little, the Pokemon will certainly faint. Every single one of the Pokemon which are supporting, will receive experience points. These are definitely for leveling up. Pokemon might evolve into different variants after gaining specified levels.

Capturing Pokemon is Life

Not a thing is definitely more essential when compared with capturing pokemon. This is how the gamer increases their group, develops practical knowledge, and then improves their party. There are certainly a low number of pokemon that can not be taken. Those who already are under the control of conflicting trainers.

Certainly not all Poke Balls are Even

Usually there are assortment of potency, between so many types of poke balls. Dependent upon the level of the ball, you may not get the chance to capture the Pokemon you find yourself fighting against. It would likely attack, until one can find a poke ball strong enough to acquire it. If it is truly a Master Ball, which includes a 100% capturing rate!

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