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The Official Blurb…

Another world has emerged in the Sinnoh region…
…A world where time and space are altered! Catch, train, and battle your favorite Pokemon, and discover ancient, mythical Pokemon in this exciting new adventure!

The Origin of the Game

Pokemon Platinum rom was developed by Game Freak, in 2009. It was published by The Pokemon Company for the Nintendo DS. It is an updated and enhanced version of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Game Freak wanted to make Platinum a better version. The previous games they had already described as Ultimate. Platinum is taking it to the next level, as the third game of each generation has done in tradition.

Choosing Your Character and Starter Pokemon

Players get to choose between a boy or a girl character, and start with one of three pokemon. Given the choice by Professor Rowan, they choose one of three starting Pokemon. The choice is between Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar.

What Pokemon is on the Box Art?

Giratina is the Pokemon on the cover, and plays a pivotal role in the plot of the game. It has been given a new form, as it only had one in the previous titles.

Gameplay Style of Pokemon Platinum Rom

The gameplay is standard to all other Pokemon titles. You play as a character that explores a large area covered by various terrain. There are wild pokemon to catch, and other aspiring trainers to do battle with. The battles are traditional turn based, and will always be Pokemon vs Pokemon.

Learn the Screens

Pokemon Platinum Rom is a role playing game with an adventure play style. There are three main screens that you will use.

  • A field map, where you can navigate with the main character.
  • The battle screen, where your pokemon battles will take place.
  • The menu, where you will configure your settings, items, and party.

Pokemon Platinum Rom Gameplay

The game starts the main character with a single pokemon. As you progress, you build a team of pokemon. But first, you have to capture them using poke balls. When the character encounters a wild pokemon, your current pokemon fight them. Once you have attacked the wild pokemon down to a low health bar, you can capture it with one of your poke balls. You will immediately have the pokemon available in your active party. Unless you already have six pokemon on your team. Where it goes into your inventory.

Defeating a Pokemon

If the opposing Pokemon’s hit points reduce to nothing, the pokemon will faint. All of the pokemon that are helping, will receive experience points. These are for leveling up. Pokemon can evolve into new species after reaching certain levels.

Capturing Pokemon is Life

Nothing is more important than capturing pokemon. This is how the player grows their team, builds experience, and strengthens their team. There are only a few pokemon that cannot be captured. The ones that are already under the control of opposing trainers.

Not all Poke Balls are Equal

There are different strengths, between various versions of poke balls. Depending on the strength of the ball, you might not be able to capture the pokemon you are fighting. It will resist, until there is a poke ball strong enough to contain it. Unless it is a Master Ball, which has a 100% capture rate!

The Island of Sinnoh

The Island of Sinnoh, is a region that is covered in pokemon. This region is like the Japanese island Hokkaido. Sinnoh isn’t connected to any other regions in Pokemon. There is a large snowy mountain range that divides the island in half. There is a cold weather element to this game, and the region reflects this concept. Snow can be found in some areas of the island, year round. The player’s character, and rivals are dressed in colder weather gear also.

The Sinnoh Underground

Underneath the surface of Sinnoh, there is a large tunnel maze of caves. Here players can dig for rare items and fossils. This is known as the Sinnoh Underground.

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