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Game Pokemon Diamond Rom
Platform Gameboy Advance
Date Published 2007
Language English
File Name DiamondVersion(US).zip
File Size 13.8 MB

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Pokemon Diamond Rom

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Have you been searching all over the internet to find a legitimate place to download Pokemon Diamond Rom for desktop or mobile? With the Nintendo DS Emulator, you can play the game almost immediately. Today’s current games are infinitely larger in files, so you will be shocked to see this comes in at less than a single MB! That means that once you’ve started the install, you’re already done and ready to play! The controls may feel a little strange at first, but it’s hard for a keyboard to replace a handheld!

Officially, this is what GameFreaks and Nintendo wanted us to know about this game:

As a rookie Pokémon Trainer, you will need to catch, train and battle Pokémon on your journey to become the Pokémon League Champion. You will face many challenges along the way, as you search for the Pokémon that rules time or space in Pokémon Diamond Version or Pokémon Pearl Version.

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Gameplay Information

Learn The Screens

Pokemon Diamond Rom is a role playing game with an adventure play style. You have three focal screens which you simply benefit from.

  • An area map – That allows one to negotiate a course with the main figure.
  • The challenge display screen – In which your own Pokemon challenges will take place.
  • The selection – Where you should configure your arrangements, equipment, and also party.

Gameplay Style of Pokemon Diamond Rom

The gameplay is normal to all your other Pokemon game titles. You carry on in the role of a character that explores a big area a part of a variety of surfaces. I have found primitive pokemon to trap, along with aspiring trainers to encounter with. The fights are regular turn based, all of which will will continually be Pokemon versus Pokemon.

Gameplay Concept

The game initiates the central gamer with a single one Pokemon. Whilst you progress, you improve a squadron of Pokemon. First and foremost, you do have to acquire all of them by means of poke balls. Each time the character meets a primitive Pokemon, your current Pokemon fight all of them. Once you have damaged the exotic Pokemon down to a minimal overall health bar, you can easily collect it with one of your poke balls. You can expect to without pause obtain the Pokemon available in your actual current party. Unless you currently have six Pokemon on your actual squad, where it goes into your current inventory.

Defeating a Pokemon

The instance the opposing Pokemon’s hit points greatly reduce to scarcely anything, the Pokemon should faint. Every the Pokemon that are indeed helping, are pampered with experience points. These are generally for leveling up. Pokemon can turn into different kinds after accomplishing specified levels.

Capturing Pokemon is Life

Little or nothing is more necessary besides capturing pokemon. This is the way the gamer deepens their band, develops working experience, and so enhances their group. I have found a small number of pokemon that could not be caught. Those that are already under the control of opposing trainers.

Not all Poke Balls are Equal

You can find assortment of strengths, between many types of poke balls. Subject to the effectiveness of the ball, you might not have the means apprehend the Pokemon you might be fighting against. It will certainly hold up against, until there is available, a poke ball sufficiently strong enough to acquire it. Except if it is actually a Master Ball, which has a 100% grab rate!

The Story of Pokemon Diamond Rom is a Simple One

We start the game in a small village named Twinleaf Town. On TV our character watches a news reporter on television describes a media conducted search for a Red Gyarados. It was spotted in Johto’s Lake of Rage. Known as the Atrocious Pokemon, they are known for destroying anything around them, when they go into a rampage.

The player tells his best friend Barry, and they decide to travel to Lake Verity. They are going to search for their very own Legendary Pokemon. When they arrive, they run into Professor Rowan. He is an expert in Pokemon studies and evolutions. His assistant is with him. (It is the playable character that you did not choose. Dawn, or Lucas.)

After a conversation, the professor and his assistant leave the lake. A suitcase was left behind by them. Barry moves towards it after discovering it.

Immediately upon inspecting the suitcase, the player is attacked by two wild Starly Pokemon! You must choose one of three Pokemon, to fight off the wild Starly. Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup.

After you choose your Pokemon, Barry will choose the one that has an advantage over yours. He will become your biggest rival, but that is later.

Once the Starly is defeated, Professor Rowan’s assistant returns to fetch the suitcase. After commenting that it appeared the Pokemon had been used, the assistant leaves. You set back to Twinleaf, where your mother gives you running shoes. Then you are to leave immediately to go to Sandgem Town.

Upon arrival of the player, Professor Rowan notices there has been a bond formed. It was between the player, and the Pokemon that was chosen during the fight with the two wild Starly. The professor offers the Pokemon to the player, and asks to fulfill a quest to make all entries into the Professor’s Pokedex.

Barry, The Rival Character in Pokemon Diamond Rom

Barry is a friend of the player you choose. He is always very impatient and in too much of a hurry. He seems to always be bumping into people, crashing through the world.

Barry likes to brag, and is a risk taker. He charges into situations without thinking about what he’s doing. Coincidentally, this is what caused him to be attacked by the wild Starly in the first place!

Once the player becomes the Sinnoh League Champion, you can find Barry training all week at Stark Mountain. He’s otherwise at the Fight Arena, during the weekend, ready for a battle.

He’s very determine to become a Frontier Brain, like his dad Palmer. These are the Pokemon trainers who rise through the ranks to reveal an unparalleled skill set when handling and training Pokemon. They each have a facility they are in control over. They are the leaders of Pokemon Diamond Rom.

Twinleaf Town

“A small town with the fresh scent of new leaves in the air. It feels like a place where adventures start. Your own home and your best friend’s house are located here.” – Map Description

This is the hometown of the player. It is a small village, with a total population of 8. Several notable Pokemon Trainers have begun their journeys from here. It is located in the southwestern most part of the Sinnoh region.

The player’s house is in the southeast corner, and bedroom upstairs. It is where the game is began. Opposite, in the northwest, is the rival, Barry’s house.

To the north of town, is Route 201. It is what connects Twinleaf Town, with the rest of the Sinnoh region. There is an immediate junction, which if heading west, will bring you to Lake Verity. If instead, you’re heading east, you will head into Sandgem Town.

The Three Starting Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond Rom

At the fight against the wild Starly at Lake Verity, the player must decide between one of three starter Pokemon. The choice is between a Turtwig, a Chimchar, or a Piplup. You will begin your journey through Pokemon Diamond Rom with whichever one you choose.

  • Turtwig is a Grass-Type Starter Pokemon. It looks like a small turtle, with a small twig attached to it’s head. There’s two leaves on the twig. A docile, and yet very affectionate Pokemon. It has the capability to be both insensitive as well as bashful. When Turtwig hasn’t drank water recently, the leaves on its head will whither. They will always been found at rivers near dense forests.
  • Chimchar is a Fire-Type Starter Pokemon. It looks like a small monkey, with flames as a tail. Rain doesn’t seem to effect the flames, but when Chimchar sleeps, the flames do go out. Chimchar can climb comfortably just like a regular monkey. They are generally quite mischievous and very curious of the world around them. They have been known to display courage during difficult times. Chimchar make their nests in cliffs and rocky mountains.
  • Piplup is a Water-Type Starter Pokemon. It looks like a blue penguin, and is insulated from cold by it’s feathers. Piplups are known for their incredible sense of self esteem. They are so prideful, they would rather starve than accept food from someone “gives” them. If they fall over, they are quick to get up and puff their chest out, to maintain pride. They live along the northern shores of Sinnoh.

The Island Region of Sinnoh

The Island of Sinnoh, is a region that is covered in Pokemon. This region is like the Japanese island Hokkaido. Sinnoh isn’t connected to any other regions in Pokemon. There is a large snowy mountain range that divides the island in half. There is a cold weather element to this game, and the region reflects this concept. Snow can be found in some areas of the island, year round. The player’s character, and rivals are dressed in colder weather gear also.

The Sinnoh Pokemon League of Pokemon Diamond Rom

The league consists of 8 Regional Gyms, The Elite Four, and The Pokemon Indigo League Champion. Trainers must earn badges from each of the eight gyms in order to compete against the Elite Four. Once the Elite Four have been defeated, the player can challenge the Indigo League Champion!

The 8 Gyms of Sinnoh Region

Oreburgh Gym

The Oreburgh Gym is located in Oreburgh City. This is the first gym in Pokemon Diamond Rom. The gym focuses on Rock-Type Pokemon. The building itself is built with stone. Roark is the Gym Leader. He can be found watching from a hill in the very back of the facility. Resembling a mine, there are sections of stone you must climb, as well as bridges to cross.

If you are able to defeat Roark, you will receive a Coal Badge.

Eterna Gym

The Eterna Gym is located in Eterna City. This is the second gym in Pokemon Diamond Rom. The gym focuses on Grass-Type Pokemon. The building is a large greenhouse, and is complete with a forest maze. Gardenia is the gym leader. She refuses to accept any challengers, until they have defeated all of her students first. Because they are in a forest, the students like to hide behind trees. Each time a student is defeated, they give a hint to where the next one can be found.

If you are able to defeat Gardenia, you will receive a Forest Badge.

Veilstone Gym

The Veilstone Gym is located in Veilstone City. This is the third gym in Pokemon Diamond Rom. The gym focuses on Fighting-Type Pokemon. The building is a large dojo, with small cubicles that have shifting walls. The gym leader is Maylene. In order to reach her, you must line up the shifting walls to create a path. There are four Black Belt brothers that are within the cubicles. They call themselves the “Karate Quads,” and fight for “Love,” “Hope,” “Courage,” and “Tears!”

If you are able to defeat Maylene, you will receive a Cobble Badge.

Pastoria Gym

The Pastoria Gym is located in Pastoria City. This is the fourth gym in Pokemon Diamond Rom. The gym focuses on Water-Type Pokemon. The building is a large indoor swimming pool, with plenty of floating platforms to cross. The gym leader is Crasher Wake. In order to reach him, you must press switches on the floor that raise and lower the level of water in sections of the pool.

If you are able to defeat Crasher Wake, you will receive a Fen Badge.

Hearthome Gym

The Hearthome Gym is located in Hearthome City. This is the fifth gym in Pokemon Diamond Rom. The gym focuses on Ghost-Type Pokemon. The building is a large five story Cathedral, with eerie lighting and limited visibility on each floor. The gym leader is Fantina. In order to reach her, you must solve puzzles and selecting one of three doors. When you choose incorrectly, you will have to fight a trainer. Upon being correct, you use an elevator to travel to the next floor.

If you are able to defeat Fantina, you will receive a Relic Badge.

Canalave Gym

The Canalave Gym is located in Canalave City. This is the sixth gym in Pokemon Diamond Rom. The gym focuses on Steel-Type Pokemon. The building is four stories and made up of various platforms, lifts, and metal rafters. The gym leader is Byron. In order to reach him, you must ride the correct sequence of lifts, while fighting trainers!

If you are able to defeat Byron, you will receive a Mine Badge.

Snowpoint Gym

The Snowpoint Gym is located in Snowpoint City. This is the seventh gym in Pokemon Diamond Rom. The gym focuses on Ice-Type Pokemon. The building is a large ice rink, with slides and snowballs blocking various pathways through the four floors of ice. The gym leader is Candice. In order to reach her, you have to slide around and destroy the snowballs blocking the way.

If you are able to defeat Candice, you will receive an Icicle Badge.

Sunyshore Gym

The Sunyshore Gym is located in Sunyshore City. This is the eighth, and final gym in Pokemon Diamond Rom. The gym focuses on Electric-Type Pokemon. The building is built with mechanical gadgets in mind. There are three rooms all with giant gears and arcing electrical circuits to make your way through. The gym leader is Volkner. In order to reach him you must rotate platforms to create a pathway.

If you are able to defeat Volkner, you will receive a Beacon Badge.

The Sinnoh Elite Four

After the player has collected all eight region badges, they are able to compete in the Pokemon League Tournament! Known as the Elite Four, they must each be defeated to face the Champion.

The First Trainer of the Elite Four – Aaron

Aaron is an elite trainer that focuses on Bug-Type Pokemon. He is a young and spunky kid. Eager with a passion of Pokemon Battling. He has quite the determination, in ability as well as his appearance. He cheerfully welcomes any new challengers in a friendly manner, while announcing his hopes and dreams openly to the world.

Aaron uses all Bug-Type Pokemon. He battles challengers of Pokemon Diamond Rom with the following Pokemon:

Dustox – Male – Level 53
Beautifly – Male – Level 53
Vespiquen – Female – Level 54
Heracross – Male – Level 54
Drapion – Male – Level 57

The Second Trainer of the Elite Four – Bertha

Bertha is an elite trainer that focuses on Ground-Type Pokemon. Although she is a soft spoken and humble woman, Bertha focuses her training on being enduring and strong. Knowing that defeat is a part of battling, she does not regret being beaten. She is a smart woman, and warns the player of how much stronger the next of the Elite Four really is!

Bertha uses Ground-Type Pokemon. She battles challengers of Pokemon Diamond Rom with the following Pokemon:

Quagsire – Female – Level 55
Sudowoodo – Female – Level 56
Golem – Female – Level 56
Whiscash – Female – Level 55
Hippowdon – Female – Level 59

The Third Trainer of the Elite Four – Flint

Flint is an elite trainer that focuses on Fire-Type Pokemon. He is known for always being concerned for his friends. He has been childhood friends with Volkner, the Gym Leader of the Sunyshore Gym. Flint is a casual, and simple minded approach to life.

Flint uses Fire-Type Pokemon. He battles challengers of Pokemon Diamond Rom with the following Pokemon:

Rapidash – Male – Level 58
Stelix – Male – Level 57
Drifblim – Male – Level 58
Lopunny – Male – Level 57
Infernape – Male – Level 61

The Fourth Trainer of the Elite Four – Lucian

Lucian is an elite trainer that focuses on Psychic-Type Pokemon. He is the strongest of the Elite Four. He is very intelligent, and knows of his own reputation. Lucian will tell you that he is going to live up to his reputation, and go all out when battling. But he does it in a very respectful manner.

Lucian uses Psychic-Type Pokemon. He battles challengers of Pokemon Diamond Rom with the following Pokemon:

Mr. Mime – Male – Level 59
Girafarig – Male – Level 59
Medicham – Level 60
Alakazam – Male – Level 60
Bronzong – Robot – Level 63

The Champion of the Sinnoh Region – Cynthia

Cynthia is the most powerful Pokemon Trainer in all of Sinnoh. Her grandmother, Professor Carolina, is who runs the Pokemon Research Lab. It is located in Celestic Town. Cynthia is a kind person, who helps out junior trainers as much as possible. She is always giving them helpful information to lead them on their journey. Cynthia is also very protective of the ruins in Sinnoh. She constantly defends them against Team Galactic, who are trying to destroy them.

Cynthia, being the best Pokemon Diamond Rom trainer in all of Sinnoh, uses all types of Pokemon. She battles challengers with the following Pokemon:

Spiritomb – Female – Level 61 – Ghost-Type
Gastrodon – Female – Level 60 – Water-Type
Roserade – Female – Level 60 – Grass-Type
Lucario – Male – Level 63 – Fighting-Type
Milotic – Female – Level 63 – Water-Type
Garchomp – Female – Level 66 – Dragon-Type

The Antagonists of Pokemon Diamond Rom – Team Galactic

Throughout the story of Pokemon Diamond Rom, the player will encounter the notorious Team Galactic. From Stealing Pokemon, to trying to destroy ancient ruins, they’re guilty of it all. Team Galactic’s leader is named Cyrus.

There will be many fights that include them, and eventually a series of battles at their headquarters, Team Galactic HQ, located in Veilstone City. The final showdown will be on top of the highest part of Mount Coronet.

Cyrus and Team Galactic, want to destroy the universe and remake it again for themselves. They plan to do this by summing either Dialga or Palkia, each a Legendary Pokemon with immense powers.

Will you be the one to stop Cyrus from destroying the Pokemon Diamond Rom universe?

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